Starke Sound IC-H3 Be

The Legend Continues

The IC-H3 represents the heart and soul of Starke Sound. Whether it be home theater or HiFi music the IC-H3 dutifully handles either use with ease and clarity. Its flexibility establishes it as an ideal addition to any home or living room. This makes the IC-H3 a perfect candidate for our Be Tweeter upgrade.

Technische Daten

Frequency Response (±2dB)38 Hz – 40k Hz
Recommended Amplifier40 – 300W
Nominal Impedance4 ohms
Sensitivity (2.83v at 1m)90dB SPL
Tweeter1 inch Super Beryllium Tweeterwith Starke LMF Technology™*
Midrange4 inch Starke Carbon Fiber Pinnacle Ringwith Starke LMF Technology™*
Bass DriverDual 6.5 inch Black Anodized Aluminum Driver Basketswith Starke LMF Technology™*
Crossover Points300 Hz / 2900 Hz
Boundary CompensationNone
Full Size (H x W x D)25.6 x 11.8 x 15.4 inches650 x 300 x 390mm
FinishAluminum and Piano Lacquer**
Weight64 lbs (29kg) / each
Shipping Weight69 lbs (31.4 kg) / each
Warranty10 years (from original purchase date)

*LMF Technology™ is a patented loudspeaker driver technology by Starke Sound,Inc. 

**Custom paint colors are available

***Manufacturer’s note about Beryllium: Beryllium is a rare earth metal that is 5 times harder than Aluminum and 3 times harder than any Titanium Alloy. At the same time Beryllium is 40% the weight of Aluminum and 25% the weight of Titanium. As a result Beryllium’s natural characteristics allow the tweeter to vibrate faster, deliver a better hi-frequency response, and add more detail. Although Beryllium has the ability to achieve a dynamic range of 40khz – well beyond that of human hearing – we’ve carefully calibrated the high frequency in our tweeters in order to preserve the greatest audible dynamic range while providing the best details.